Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Yours, Yoda.

Sundays were always my 'day before's'

i.e day before school, day before the working week, day before a menstrual cycle.. i guess
i just associated it with such negative teenage drama crap.

Didn't help that i had the worst job of my life that made me work Sundays.. so when sunday was the 'day of rest' .. i was up and atom at a sparrows fart.

Today proved otherwise, i lazed about in the dark with the other girls.. we're like a dysfunctional family of sorts, with a carer .. mind you. But we love 'em.
Watching hours of devastating footage of towns and families being burnt to crisps and texting friends frantically making sure none of 'em were dead.

Apart from all this, my other spectrum was excited about the excitement the afternoon held for me.. Mum and Dad were gonna be here just after one to pick me up and take me out.. we had planned on coffee and cake but after the swelter-shed yesterday.. and te sudden drop today.. (twenty degrees..are you from Seria!?!) we setteled on Norwegian Ice Cream and a wander round my favourite sea side townships.. Queenscliffe.
It was our 'usual' family thing... Fish and Chips whilst overlooking the Rip at Queenscliffe.
So felt absolute normal and blissful to be there with two of my favourite people lickin' the cold stuff and talking nonsense about everything.

And i could tell they enjoyed the time as much as i.
With the new lot of therapy coming to a close, and the beginning of my fifth week as an In Patient(well im still here and the four week Menu Rotation is back to the beginning.. ill be first to admit.. im sick of the once alright food...but im taking complete advantage of the fact i can now have a decent in between meal out with my family every other day.... ) Things are looking better than gold.

My extreme limitations are being recognized with an eager brow lift, and i am stopping in tracks to make direct turns in the opposite or slightly obscure other direction.......

Things is gonna be okay.
All i really know.. is that the reality is never as scary... as the fear of reality itself.

Yes, Yoda... Yes

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Burp and Slurp~! said...

all the best wishes in your treatment! I sincerely hope you burst free and can be the beautiful, happy person you are meant to be...
stay strong and positive, girl~

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