Wednesday, December 24, 2008



I just wanted to wish you all the ding dong merrily on high? Is that even it, i love me a good Christmas Carol(O Holy Night, With Mario Lanza doing it.. by gosh)

I've got the essentials.
Freezer full of Ice cream, Fridge full of Fresh Vegetables, Turkey Cooked and Basted(FF), Grapes and Bananas Frozen, Menthol Cigarettes, TWO Strongbow Originals, Six pack of Coca Cola Zero, Stuffing, with WALNUTS! By Golly Gosh.

Pencil Skirt Pressed, Shirt Ironed, Fresh Perfume on bed stand and Good music to leap out of bed to...

Unconditionally, unintentionally for the lot. By Accidental forces of nature i wandered across the strongest most amazing people i could ever ask of.

It is Christmas.
And to quit myself counting calories and sticking to any kind of NORM.
I won't be around for a while, so i love you all. And i'll be here for the New Year(as promised Dolly Baby, sorry it aint tonight.)

I fucking love you all, CC Crew and all to boot. El, Mel, Jem, Okie, Kiki, Maria, Gib-Baby, Reb, there is so many to thank.
Carl DeVille. For being the most amazing man in the world. Someone who never fucking ceases to amaze me, out of pure kind heartedness.
Francis Willo and the gang.
My Hobblit and her Company of Second Family.
My lovely Manda
My bitches. My Real Harts. Nadsy and Brooke.
My babies, my loves, my other halves.

We stick with Trad.

This may have raped me for all it's worth.
But fuck it, i see the other side.
And that is the baby step worth diving head first for.

So i won't be round.
But i love you.



Okie said...

See you later, lovie! I love you so much, hope you have a Christmas better than anyone else's in the world. Girl, you totally deserve it. <3
See you on New Years'. ^.^ Butts up!

Jemima said...

If I could grin and shout 'I love you!' without half the food bar I'm eating falling out of my mouth, I would. You and the other CC girls - more than anyone else I know - deserve a happy, joy filled, nourishing, warm, loving Christmas 2008. <3

dollymixtures said...

Honey I hope you have the most amazing Christmas ever. You have helped me so much recently, you are so inspiring and supportive! And you PROPER deserve this day :) In fact, you deserve a billion days like this. Good luck with everything Lauren, enjoy yourself and don't get too pissed incase you forget to eat ;) Lol. See you soon <33

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