Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I can see a better time..

For any fellow followers - The assessment is done, papers filled and words of past jotted down on file for later viewing.

12th of January 2009, admittance was somewhat inevitable.
But we'll see.
I guess, i suppose.

They didn't have to drag me in by the ankles, kickin' and screamin'.

As i was getting out the shower, Dad knocked on the door and told me my brother was on the phone. Straight away a shot of butterflies sharpened their razorblades and started gnawing the gizzards.

I wish, i hope he knows how much that phonecall meant to me. More than just the whole world. Everything i'd ever wanted to hear from his mouth. Everything i'd thought he'd felt about me..I can't believe i let ED almost ruin one of, if not.. the greatest friendship/relationship i had ever held.

And i will never forget everything that they have done for me. From taking me in and wrapping me up, to forgiving me.. even though they watch as i rot from the inside out.

I found my happy place on the landline at 10.14AM.

Tomorrow will be so very busy, so if i don't get time to say/see/be with you all
Have yourselves the merriest of tidings. I will think of every which one of you and hold your hearts so close to mine.

Merry Christmas Babies

Fuck it, and the ED. Enjoy it, one day really won't kill you.


dollymixtures said...

You're amazing. <3

Okie said...

Love you so much lovie. ^.^

Kiki said...

You rock. It's great that you're so close to your brother. Merry Christmas to you too!

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