Thursday, December 25, 2008

Deed Arm, Boxing Day

Boxing Day see's.. not much spending the cashflow as spending time recovering. Not from the nasty head-wound. Oh no, but from the Wii that we got for CHRISTMAS!!

I'll admit, i was kinda in on it. Giving suggestions and price deets. But it still shocked the knickers off of us both.

I woke up at just past 5 in the morning, after.. sadly one of the sappiest Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight i've ever been to(20, by the way. I've been to fucking twenty..only missing one when in Queensland in 1995.)

Before actually leaving for the carols, i got a phonecall from a pal C. DeVille.. Who without his knowing has actually made a huge impact not just with my recovery. "just happens" to say, do the right things at that moment where you stumble. And i couldn't be more thankful.
Anyway, he fucking didn't. Well he did... actually.. He and his pals chipped in and CUSTOM MADE me my very own fucking Low Rider. WHICH he knew i had wanted for so fucking long.
We're talking, my very own bad boy. And it is a beauty. I spent most of yesterday sitting on him in the backyard. Knowing i can't 'do much'. I went for a wee cruise today, will be out in the warmer weather down the old bichamoned Train Lines anyway...Times, people like that make you realize there IS still genuine souls in the world. This person went out of his way, out of his pocket to give something to somebody for no REAL reason in the world. It was my get better present. And hell knows it has made me wanna eat shit i couldn't even bare the stench of.

At carols, i admit.. ED was bright as candle flickers. So i sang louder. In my hat. But he lingered, well and truley. I mentioned, and had already 'pre-added' a HOT JAM DONUT to my list of eats. SO i knew i would be in calorie range even if i decided to eat it. Everyone tucked in and had one or two each. But when it came to the crunch, i just couldn't. I smelt it.. and just couldn't. I had a wee sook to Mam, who teared up seeing me get so frustrated.. talking it over and out of me. THen my nephew offered me a lolly snake. ONE lolly snake, "fuck it" i took a bite... smiled.. then when noone was looking spat the bit that was in my mouth out and got incredibly angry at myself. Sounds stupid, don't it? Arrived home to wrapped up goodines outside my bedroom door from ASHLEA & HOBBS!! Best surprise. Definately put me in higher spirits.

Why on earth Dinner is the most anxiety-rissen meal for me is a nutshell to crack.
I eat two small meals after that!?
Yogurt with berries, bag of frozen grapes and a bowl of oats with maple syrup.. they don't make me anxious. Of course i stretch my core and star jump a wee bit, to 'deserve' these little 'treats'.

And even though Christmas has passed technically i will have my Chocolate Lindt Ball tonight.
"Aaaaaaameennnn" - Mario Lanza end of song style.

Dad LOVED his USB Turntable.. the one i got physically trodden on for! As did Chris. I was so happy. SO fucking happy. All of yesterday.
Drove out to Ashleas to drop off her presents before anyone woke up. I'd had my breakfast and was all wide awake.. even tried to waste time by going for a walk .. when i went to take the "big block" I stopped myself and said "no no.. we'll drive to ashleas now".. trying to plan it all.. HER DAD SAW ME IN MY HAT AND PYJAMAS SNEAKING AROUND THEIR BACK FENCE TRYING TO STASH THEIR PRESENTS!! Talk about awkward.. six foot tall long black hair witha santa hat trolloping around Lara .. real subtle Lauren.

Got back intime to open all the GOODIES!!
Brazil Nut Body Butter - my FAVOURITE!! From Tessa i got a new beautiful silver ring, 'nother Danger scratching!
Mum and Dad got us the Wii! And Wii Sports and Paul got us Transformers for it and also FUCKING GUITAR HERO! The best. We're late Bloomers. But that's just how it works in this household! And mum knew how much pain i'd been in lately because of certain areas clanging certain other areas while i sleep.. so she bought me a full lnength BODY PILLOW!! A REAL Pillow Husband. Beautiful spoony spoonies last night!!
Chris and Bron gave me an adorable Print bag filled with Leopard Silkies and a voucher for the MILL! (The biggest Antique/Collecters shed in .. i'd like to think the world!)
Ashlea gave me so many wee goodies, too much to mention. Pin Ups galore and brightly coloured everythings.

I got to see Tony for a wee bit yesterday. Bones(still not official, still own him for now. 'Boof' is starting to stick.. eh) and Spike got THREE lovely bowls of leftovers.
I helped out with all the roast Vegies.. everything from Parsnips to Sweet Potatoes, Onions Honey Mustard Glazing with some Turkey Breasteseses and TOPPED WITH GRAVY!!

Still wasn't sure whether quota was hit, so still went for my after dinner foodies. Just had Scrambeled egg whites on toast with Cream Cheese for dinner.

Still halfa Trifle and a bloody big chunk of Clootie Dumplin' left over. Neither of which i've ever liked(except for Granmas Trifle.. Though, never again)

Everyone made it so easy for me, I honestly didn't feel any 'real' anxiety. Nor preasure to restrict. Which was an amazing feeling for me. THat sense of reality and freedom, even if for one meal. Because it gave me the guts to just do it. Delve and enjoy with everyone else. My nephews have never been cuter.

I'm off to Kmart to see if i can find me any bargains.
Thanks to all of my lovlies on CC for the support.
And i'm glad everyone got their Sent Deliveries on time

All my lub and big wet kesses

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dollymixtures said...

All I can say is I love you sweetie and I am so proud. In the end, you conquered ED. You are conquering him a bit more everyday.

I love the Wii :D
Have an ace boxing day and holidays xxxxxxxxx

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