Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For the coming year

Maybe we are only 16 hours exactly into the new year. But already changes have been thought through and followed.

I woke up and stretched my core. I like the feeling of movement, like a sudden blood rush to one particular area that has been unlicked for so long on a cats body.

Not one star jump, i jumped up and down when i got a Turkey in Wii-Bowling? I then knew i wanted Sushi, so i got sushi.

1 Tuna and Cucumber Roll
1 Inside out Vegetable Roll (with avocado, good for the skin)
2 Iniside out Tuna and Avocado Rolls

All up it makes 3 hand rolls. And i soldiared through. Though picky with the rice, because it was falling all over the place.

This morning, extra nuts in oats.
If i can settle my pace at walking.. and still do my evening walk. To eat back the calories.
No matter what i do i end up in Hospital. So i can either prolong the inevitable OR keep fighting.

I choose to fight, blood and guts has always been more my thing.

To Jem, Maria, Kiki and Okie and whoever Burp? i think Follows this. I wish you all the best and i love you all so very much.

(also, after midnight this morning...wasn't 100% sure if i made target so still had my cottage cheese maple apple before bed... oh and a glass of Strongbow to bring in the new year.. HEY i had to first foot i needed SOMETHING to cheers with! First alcoholic beverage since March)

Food for though, what a bastard ey?
This year i want to.........*to be continued


Burp~! said...

Reading this post, I've got stronger confidence in've already got the right mentality! you've already GOT the hatred for ED and the will to fight. Rock on, sister. you've already made the most difficult step. It only gets better from here. I wish you all the best wishes, and may we all overcome this completely this year 2009!

dollymixtures said...

2009 is our year honey :)
You've done amazingly today. I ended up on Vodka on new years eve. EW! I hate the stuff, but only had a small shot - with IRN BRU and it wasn't even diet! ;) Irn Bru is like a fizzy bright orange Scottish soft drink btw.

You've made some really admirable steps and I think you're going to do great and you'll be outta hospital in no time!


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