Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Usuals.

I was posting my latest eats and treats on the Recovery Forums floating about the joint. But figure i could post them here too.

Breakfast, is usually always the same. Fuck i love Breakfast.
1/3c of All Bran
1/2c Instant Oats
1/2c Vanilla Soy
1/2 Hot Water
Zap it in the Solar Dome for 80 seconds
1tbs of Maple Syrup Sugar Free
5 Blueberries

And ontop of this a Frozen Banana
Black Coffee

Tried introducing a glass of juice here, but i couldn't do it. Well the voice wouldn't let me.. i had a sip then pretended not to like it and poured it out.
Then added the sip i had and rounded UP the calories.

It sounds like a alot, but the bowl is small. The banana is average
And the coffee is burnies.

I'm going to my nephews Christmas Play tonight at the Arena, and the only thing i'm really fretting about is it skipping over my usual 'meal time'.

Example 1.
8.30 - Breakfast
10.45 - Morning Tea/Snack
1.45 - Lunch
4.30 - Afternoon Tea/Snack
7.30 - Dinner
10.00 - Supper/Snack

I have to be reminded when to eat, and i can NOT eat intuitivley yet. As silly as it sounds. I've tried, and i tend to UNDER eat. So i follow the clock for some back up.

Yesterday for the first time ever, i had TWO Vanilla Latte's.. That's Right.. TWO.. no Soy.. no 'hold all carbs'. Nowt, Nada, Nothing.
I forget that i want to recover. The voice is that deep and controlling. And the MORE i eat, the less it has control. So answer being, eat up me hearties.

Yesterdays Plan
8.oo - Breakfast
10.00 - Snack
11.30 - Coffee
1.30 - Sushi.
4.30 - Coffee
6.00 - Dinner
9.00 - Snack
10.00 - Snack

I liked it, it fret so much. I started panicking thinking. "My body was USE to the previous pattern, that's is.. i'm gonna get fat tomorrow". So even though my shoulders were aching as guns this morning. I continued my morning regime. And refuse to go on my 30 minute walk until Saturday. I simply must hit at least 57kg Before i do anything else.

I want to recover.
So what do i do for dinner?
I haven't been eating alot of Bread lately, i know i should.
I really want to do French Toast with some Butter and Maple Syrup and Blueberries....Maybe. Perhaps... Mayhaps.

I'd say next time i'm running low on oats, but i am stocked up until NEXT Christmas..

Christmas List;


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