Friday, January 2, 2009

for Auld Lang Syne, my dear

It just came to me, i have not made any new years resolutions. If my NYR was to not make any NYR i would have succeeded in a matter of moments.

However, we all know i'm a sucker for lists.

* To gain back strength, manner and heart.. (along with some flesh)
* To start some kind of work again, good for the mind
* To take up a new hobbie, with NO relation to food/nutrition/calories/burning.
* To re-kindle with my Bitches. I miss my bitches so much more.
* To be able to sleep one single night without the electric blanket on III.
* To spend at LEAST one single week in IP, before I boot down the door.
* To ace Guitar Hero.
* To finally beat my nephew at Wii Boxing.
* To start official savings for travelling
* To not keel when Mada and Fada shoot through to UK in September
* To KNOW myself again.
* To RESPECT myself again.
* To TRUST my body again.
* To spend more time out, be it side/with friends/anywhere but home
* To go out for dinner and not panic attack over the meal
* To know my reflection
* To learn 50 new things.
* To dig up my old Vegetable patch, fresh year... fresh start
* To spend more time with my family, not couped doing crunches
* To spend more time laughing, not couped doing crunches
* To spend more time playing, not couped doing crunches
* To give my fucking body a break, not just of the physical kind.

........I'm sure i'll think of a hundred more... i have a clearer mind..

Carbohydrates are the only fuel for the brain.

Brain Age on Mums new "Brain Training" DS Game - 81. X

ps. Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!! 38 Years. "Fuck". I love you my lovelies.


Kiki said...

To answer your question, camera angles are horrible. Sometimes I find myself trying to make my food look smaller so I don't seem "greedy". Admittedly, the muffin and the roll were both rather small yesterday. But really, my portions are normal (or large) sized.

I like your NYRs, especially the "not couped doing crunches part". I can relate. Best of luck for 2009!

Kiki said...

I'll eat four muffins if you eat four cups of "black and white" popcorn. One for me, one for Jemima, one for Sophia, and one for Maria!

You're amazing too, your posts are always so insightful. xxx

dollymixtures said...

Awww I love you Kiki :)

Lauren your posts are so inspiring, they really motivate me tbh. I love this one :)
I reckon you will achieve all these awesome goals. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You can do this. Good luck with the new year honey! <3

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