Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three, and counting

3 things I was doing 10 years ago:
* I was 11 going on 12
* I was completely 'into' my equestrian stage
* I was just starting Highschool
3 things on my to-do list today:
* Pick up things for Hospital
* Go out for lunch with Mama
* Hug myself very hard
3 things I love about my [self]:
* I love that i can make myself laugh
* I love whole heartedly, so never have to question myself
* I love the colour of my eyes
3 movies I have seen more than once:
* Bridget Jones
* Pride and Prejudice
* Prey for Rock and Roll
3 places I have lived:
* McKillop Street
* Bellbird Avenue
* Donvale Drive
3 places I have visited:
* City of Churches
* Sydney Harbour
* Sunshine State
3 T.V. shows I watch:
* Family Guy
* Scrubs
* Ready Steady Cook
3 things you may not know about me:
* I can juggle
* I was a champion Scottish Highland Dancer


Kiki said...

Yay, I now know 24 more things about Lauren! When are you actually leaving for IP? I wish I could juggle. I tried to learn with a book but it didn't work out. You deserve that hug today, plus a million more because you're so fabulous!

Anonymous said...

hey! I dont know you, but I am so sorry to hear about the last post..I just want you to know that there seriously is a light at the end of every tunnel..a reason for is too good..and it will pass, just have to be strong and you can conquer it..for real! I can tell that you are such a smart and talented girl!

dollymixtures said...

Teehee I wish I could come over and give you your big hug :D

And wow you did Highland Dancing? That's ace! So's Bridget Jones;)

Enjoy your lunch with your mum and try enjoy yourself before you go into IP. I love you xxxx

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